Jacket Heater

Jacket Heater Jacket Heater Jacket Heater Jacket Heater


Efficient heating of pipes

  • Preventing blockage in the pipes caused by
    exhaust gas solidification.
  • Preventing input gas solidification.


  • Semiconductor / LCD manufacturing devices
    (LP-CVD, P-CVD, Etcher, etc.)
  • Around Vacuum pump / Scrubber (relating to the above)
  • Gas inlet pipes


3-1. Heating element structure

other manufactures
Jacket Heater characteristic

  • Possible heater disconnection or short circuit due to insulation deterioration caused by heating
  • Difficulty of narrow pitch wiring due to mechanical strength poverty and low reliability

Jacket Heater characteristic

  • High reliability and durability by double insulation structure, preventing any insulation deterioration.
  • Narrow pitch wiring is possible

3-2 Non combustibility

  • – Materials Used are all incombustible
  • Thermal protector to prevent overheat (safety device)

Cross section of the Jacket Heater
Jacket Heater characteristic

3-3. Construction Materials

Heater Wire Double insulation structure (thermal resistance: 800celcius)
Cover Cloth Silicon coated glass cloth
Teflon coated glass cloth
Thermal Insulator Glass felt, etc
Inner cloth Baked Glass Cloth

*Cover cloth, thermal insulator, inner cloth, controller, etc. are to be chosen through consultation with customers.

3-4. High precision sewing technology

High precision cutting with laser machine

  • Computer Aided Design
  • High precision sewing of heater wire with NC machine
  • Very careful sewing by skilful workers


  • Specially designed heater wire
    • Double insulation structure
    • Narrow pitch sewing of heater wire is possible.
  • Thermal resistance of up to 800°C, depending on construction materials.
  • Fray-free and highly reliable products by careful sewing based on advanced technology.
  • Multiple means for temperature control (PID/Thermostat) are available.
  • Ready to meet various specifications. Specific product shape is available in accordance with customer’s requirements.

Durability of heater wire

Our Product

Excellent durability against any wire disconnection, short circuit, etc. with unique double-insulated heater wire.


Liable to cause possible a short circuit, resulting from the exposure of heater wires caused by repeated use.

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