Film heaters are extremely thin planar heaters with a thickness of .02″ (0.4 mm) or less. Since this heater use a polyimide sheet, it has superior resistance to chemicals.

Thanks to our unique manufacturing method, it’s also siloxane-free. Use this heater with peace of mind in environments where there are concerns that siloxane may have a detrimental effect on electrical devices, such as in clean rooms or sealed control boxes.

The heater can also be modified for complex shapes, such as holes, notches, or curls. We’ll propose the best heater specifications to each customer that is optimum for how our customers plan to use it.


Thermal gradient is required

  • Coarse-to-fine type


  • ZABUN (immersion film heater)


  • With insulator (ceramic type)


  • Thermocouple built-in type
  • With double-sided tape


Thickness thinner than .02″ / 0.4mm
Dimensions (mm) 10 x 20 to 300 x 400
(inch) 2/5 x 4/5 to 12 x 15
Operating Temp.* -150 to 570ºF / -100 to 300ºC
Max. Watt Density* 19 W/in2 / 3.0 W/cm2
Max. Voltage (V) 240
Max. Resistance Density
Wattage Tolerance +/-10%
Outer Dimension Tolerance
Insulation Resistance (MΩ/DC V)** More than 1000/500
High Pot Test (V/min.) / (V/sec.) 1500 / 1800 (5 mA)

* Depending on heater specifications.
** Under no-heat conditions. This might be lowered to around 100 MΩ, depending on operating conditions.

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