gas pipe heating

In general, when the temperature goes down, gas becomes liquid and liquid becomes solid, and the viscosity of matter increases.

The gas used in manufacturing semiconductors also coagulates when cooled, and clogs up the pipes in the manufacturing device. Kawai Corporation’s heaters are used in the situation to prevent clogging.

It should be quite obvious that products cannot be normally manufactured when the pipes clog up. Our mission with pipe heaters at Kawai Corporation is to ensure that whatever the outer environment might be, manufacturing must go on. We design these heaters so that our customers do not need to worry about controlling the external temperature.

It’s easy just to heat things up, but what is required is highly accurate, even heating. In one case, we asked our customer to provide us with the same pipe used in the actual device, after which we made a prototype heater and did some tests with the pipe attached. From this, we collected data and determined where the temperature dropped due to large heat dispersion, as well as where heat collected. By running some more tests, we finally created what we thought was the perfect heater.

However, when we tried to actually attach the pipe onto the customer’s device, it got in the way of other parts, so we had to try again. At that point, we had only three weeks left before the heater was to be delivered.

Here’s where Kawai Corporation rose to the challenge! After redesigning the product, we did some fine-tuning with the customer’s actual device in terms of how it was used, and delivered the completed product on schedule. In the end, the evenness of heating went beyond the customer’s expectations.

The fact that we go to the customer to confirm the actual device, and then design and install our products makes this all possible.

In the semiconductor manufacturing industry in particular, not all of the specifications are decided upon before manufacturing. It’s not uncommon for the specs of the device on which the heater will be used to remain undecided. It’s difficult to deal with frequently-changing specs and deliver on time, but Kawai Corporation handles changes in specs on the fly and rigidly sticks to the delivery date. Feel the real power that Kawai Corporation offers to your company!