anti-bacterial devices

It’s well known in the fields of medicine and chemistry that there is a close relationship between the density and temperature of matter. When the temperature changes, the density of matter also changes, due to effects of thermal expansion on the volume.

Some medical equipment requires that materials such as samples or bactericidal factors are to be maintained at a certain density. Kawai Corporation heaters are used to heat these materials, keeping them at a given temperature. For instance, requests to heat concentration meters in sterilizers are born from these needs.

We received a request to supply a heater that could stabilize temperatures, in order to stabilize the concentration of sterilization factors used in sterilizers for medical and research institutions. When the equipment was developed, the size of the device was preestablished with no considerations given to the installation of a heater. For this reason, we needed to install heaters after the fact. We made our proposals for the heater shape and installation method after checking the actual equipment and much trial and error.

Since the product was mainly to be sold in the U.S., the specs needed to conform to UL standards. As Kawai Corporation has experience with our own products in such matters, we worked together with the customer to put together the necessary documentation and fully supported the customer in acquiring UL certification.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the specifications of the heater, as it was just the perfect shape and method of installation. The project turned out to be a major asset for us as well, as the customer trusted Kawai Corporation as the only manufacturer that would be willing to help them through the difficulties of meeting the requirements of third-party organizations such as UL. We diligently stuck with the laborious task of submitting the necessary schematics, specifications, and other documentation in English.

Since medical equipment requires a great deal of time in official registration with organizations such as the FDA, it will take about five years from the start of development before the product is mass-produced. We’re ready and willing to meet the challenge of making improvements, to meet any and all requests that are sure to follow!