U-Will marketing has been helping many industries with customize heating and manufacturing solutions for over 90 years.


The Chief Product Designer and Architect of U-Will is Mr. Motoyuki Kawai. He has over 20 years experience in the industry and has helped numerous companies solve hundreds of heating, cooling and control situations. The U-Will team is also composed of a great team of Sales, Operations and Marketing staff based in Silicon Valley and assists all of our customers with making sure their needs are met from orders, planning, sales, and support.

Corporate Statement – U-WILL philosophy
Unique (as unique company)
United (unite for the same purpose)
Will (create the future)

We started the business with these concept in 2015.
We create an exciting future with our own will and with co-workers who share our will, without being swept away or dyed by something
We create the future by enjoying, sharing, and inspiring each other.

Corporate Symbol


The corporate symbol is W for Will, which creates the future.
The circle on the upper right represents the history of Kawai up to now, and the circle grows as it gains various qualities, and our experience and thought become a symbol of the flame of enthusiasm.

Corporate Color
The corporate color orange is a combination of yellow, which means a bright future, and red, which means enthusiasm and thoughts, and U-Will orange is the color of harmony and will to work with enthusiasm to achieve the purpose, embodying the corporate philosophy.

Corporate Logo
As a company that creates various possibilities, it is always neutral without being bound by stereotypes, and in order to express this idea, it is a neutral typeface with little intonation.